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Sunset Construction is here to guide you through the journey of creating new dwellings and unlocking the potential of your land, all while working hand in hand with your local council to bring your vision to life.

Our comprehensive services encompass every aspect of the subdivision process, from initial consultation to the issuance of new titles. With meticulous attention to detail, our expert team navigates the intricacies of subdivision applications, collaborating closely with land surveyors, local governments, and the Western Australian Planning Commission. From coordinating site works to liaising with Western Power and the Water Corporation, we ensure that every stage of land development adheres to the highest standards of quality and compliance. 

Our team of Perth subdivision experts are here to make the most out of your land

What type of subdivision were you looking for? Regardless of what you need, our team at Sunset Construction will deliver.

Duplex development

Maximise your property's potential with our expert duplex development services, tailored to optimise space and value.

Two-lot / Duplex subdivision

Unlock the possibilities of your land with our two-lot subdivision expertise, streamlining the process to create distinct parcels for future development.

Three-lot / Triplex subdivision

Transform a single parcel of land by dividing it into three separate lots for individual development or sale.

Green title or freehold subdivision

Embrace independence and flexibility with our green title or freehold subdivision solutions, empowering you to own your piece of land outright.

Corner block subdivision

Transform corner blocks into prime real estate with our corner block subdivision expertise, maximising land utilisation and enhancing property value.

Survey strata subdivision

Experience efficient land utilisation and shared amenities with our survey strata subdivision services, designed to create harmonious living spaces while maximising land value.

Budget Calculating

Have peace of mind when subdividing your property with Sunset Construction. Allow us to look after your residential development.

Whether you have a new lot, rear lot want to knock-down and rebuild, have an subdivision project enquiry, or are wanting to know the cost to subdivide, our team can help you. Please reach out to get your lot subdivision underway.

Frequently asked questions about subdivision builders WA

The subdivision process in Western Australia involves several steps, including land surveying, obtaining development approval, submitting a subdivision application to the local council or relevant authority, and creating new land titles.
Determining if your block is eligible for subdivision typically involves assessing factors such as zoning regulations, minimum lot size requirements, and any relevant planning overlays or restrictions.
Applications for subdivision includes a fee. As per the WA Government website, the current fee for subdivision application is roughly $7,500 (GST incl.) for up to 100 lots, plus $27 (GST incl.) per lot in excess of 100 lots.
Land titles refer to legal documents that establish ownership and rights to land. In the context of subdivision, new land titles are created for each subdivided parcel.
The West Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is a statutory authority responsible for planning, coordinating, and regulating land use and development in Western Australia.
R-Codes, or residential design codes, are guidelines that set out the minimum design requirements for residential development in Western Australia. They cover aspects such as plot ratio, setbacks, and building height.
WAPC stands for the West Australian Planning Commission, the statutory authority responsible for planning and development control in Western Australia.
A green title subdivision involves creating individual land titles for each subdivided parcel, allowing for separate ownership and full control over the land.
Yes, land size matters when seeking subdivision approval, as it must comply with minimum lot size requirements set by zoning regulations and local planning policies.
The role of a subdivision surveyor is to conduct land surveys, prepare subdivision plans, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations throughout the subdivision process.
Associated costs with completing a subdivision design may include surveying fees, application fees, council contributions, infrastructure costs, and professional consultancy fees.
When subdividing, water, power and sewer infrastructure may need to be extended or modified to accommodate the new parcels, which can involve coordination with utility providers and associated costs.
The time it takes to get development approval for a subdivision can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the project, the efficiency of the approval process, and any potential delays.

Project costs for subdivisions in the South West region may differ from those in other areas due to factors such as land availability, infrastructure requirements, and local planning policies.

Costs associated with rural subdivision projects may include surveying costs, infrastructure costs, council fees, and potentially higher costs for services such as water and power connections.

Yes, Sunset Constructions can provide development solutions for corner blocks, leveraging expertise in maximising land utilisation and navigating regulatory requirements.
The process of subdividing a block in Perth that is not level may involve addressing challenges such as slope stability, drainage considerations, and compliance with building codes and regulations.
Sunset Constructions can determine a subdivision cost estimate by assessing factors such as block size, site conditions, regulatory requirements and project scope.
Understanding the creation of separate land titles involves knowledge of legal processes, surveying requirements, compliance with planning regulations, and coordination with relevant authorities.
Property zoning determines the allowable land uses, density, and development standards for a particular area, influencing the type and scale of development permitted on a property.
Compliance measures involved in subdivisions may include adherence to zoning regulations, compliance with residential design codes, obtaining development approval, and meeting infrastructure requirements.

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